fininvest anno 2021fininvest anno 2021fininvest anno 2021
The Mediaset Group changes its name to MFE-MEDIAFOREUROPE and introduces a dual category share structure: the holding company of one of the largest pan-European broadcasting poles is born, with its registered office in the Netherlands and listed on the Milan and Madrid stock exchanges. Moreover, the company achieves very significant results: all parameters grow and net profit (374 million) doubles compared to pre-Covid 2019.
Mondadori continues its strategy of focusing on its core book business with the acquisition of the publishing house D Scuola, becoming the leader in Italy in school publishing. The Group also reports its best profit since 2012 and returns to pay a dividend to shareholders after ten years.
Banca Mediolanum achieves the best economic result in its history with a net profit of 713 million and assets under administration approaching 110 billion.
Fininvest, Mediaset and Vivendi put an end to their mutual disputes with a global agreement.
fininvest anno 2020fininvest anno 2020
Mediaset, as anticipated, rises to 29.4% of the voting rights in the capital of the German TV broadcaster ProSiebenSat.1, while it continues its international development project MFE-Media for Europe.
Mondadori Media S.p.A. is created, a company of the publishing group focused on the business development of its brands on paper and digitally.
Banca Mediolanum consolidates its position in the digital market by launching Flowe, the new sustainable platform that brings 662,000 new customers in just 7 months.
AC Monza wins Group A of the Lega Pro 2019/2020 football championship and it is promoted to Serie B.
During the emergency caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, both Mondadori (thanks to the “Smart working” project launched in 2019) and Mediaset guarantee operational continuity thanks to a rapid organization of the remote work.
fininvest anno 2019fininvest anno 2019fininvest anno 2019
Mediaset launches the international development programme MFE-Media for Europe with the goal of creating a european media company leader in the free-tv sector and able to compete with the biggest global players.
Mediaset group purchases the 15,1% stake of the german broadcaster ProSiebenSat1 (participation that increases at 24,9% of voting rights during the year 2020).
Mondadori quickens its strategic reposition in the books division and it invests, in the magazines division, in the digital declination of its editorial contents. At the same time Mondadori finalizes the sale of Mondadori France and some italian magazines.
fininvest anno 2018fininvest anno 2018
The online Mediaset Play platform has been renovated: all Mediaset's TV contents are available for free on the web. Mediaset and Sky Italia signed a multi-year commercial agreement with the aim of expanding the multiplatform reach of Premium channels.
In 2018 took also place the successful conclusion of EI Towers' public offering.
Mondadori keeps its focus on books, its core business, by negotiating the sale of Mondadori France to Reworld Media and by selling Panorama to La Verità Srl.
Monza A.C. football team is acquired.

fininvest anno 2017fininvest anno 2017
Mediaset wins the exclusive TV rights for Italy and Spain of the 2018 World Football Championship and will broadcast the matches free on TV for the first time.
The Italian Communications Authority (AgCom) rules that Vivendi's stake in Mediaset is in violation of the law and orders the French company to remove its illegal position within a year.
Fininvest completes the sale of its stake in AC Milan to Rossoneri Sport Investment Lux, owned by Chinese businessman Mr Li Yonghong.
fininvest anno 2016fininvest anno 2016fininvest anno 2016
Mondadori completes its strategic repositioning and establishes a framework for core business growth. The Group finalizes two strategic operations: the purchase of Rizzoli Libri (Rizzoli Books), allowing Mondadori to strengthen its leadership in the book sector and become a leader in educational publishing; the purchase of Banzai Media enables Mondadori to become the main Italian digital media company. In 2016, Mondadori is granted STAR segment ranking on the Italian Stock Exchange.
Mediaset completes the consolidation of Radiomediaset (Radio 105, Virgin Radio, R101), which becomes the main Italian radio group.
Fininvest signs a preliminary contract to sell its stake in the Milan AC football team to Chinese investors. The operation will be finalized in 2017.
Mediaset and Fininvest initiate a series of legal proceedings against Vivendi to oblige them to honor the contract the French company signed in April (then refused to respect it in July) and receive payment for damages in the meantime.
fininvest anno 2015fininvest anno 2015fininvest anno 2015
Mondadori shows marked gains in financial results and profitability across all its business areas. Primarily, it takes a key strategic step forward by purchasing RCS LIBRI to consolidate its Italian market presence in trade and educational publishing. The deal will be finalized in 2016.
Mediaset launches a new line of development in the radio sector by acquiring 80% of Monradio, owner of R101, and forming a partnership with Finelco, Italy's leading radio group, which controls Radio 105, Radiomontecarlo and Virgin Radio, an operation with positive implications in terms of production and distribution of contents and in terms of advertising.
In an incorporation merger, Mediolanum becomes Banca Mediolanum.
fininvest anno 2014fininvest anno 2014
Mediaset makes a major investment in rights to major sporting events by winning the exclusive right to broadcast Champions League soccer matches for the 2015-18 three year period. A new company dedicated to all pay-tv activities, Mediaset Premium, in which Spanish operator Telefonica acquires an 11% stake, is launched at year’s end.
Mondadori creates the new company, Mondadori Libri SpA, to which are transferred the trade, art and school book activities. Aims are to implement a company organizational plan more adaptable to potential development, partnerships and industry mergers. The operation takes place in a changed business reality that finds Mondadori with markedly improved 2014 financial results, thanks to its strategic streamlining operations and redefining its industrial and organizational models, a process initiated the previous financial year.

fininvest anno 2013fininvest anno 2013
Mediaset launches "Infinity", an innovative paid content service offering customers the opportunity of streaming access to a catalog of more than 5 thousand titles, including films, dramas and TV programs. In addition, Mediaset undertakes an evaluation of its project to integrate and develop its pay-tv activity in Italy and Spain in a unified corporate structure.
Mondadori produces an in-depth organizational review plan of its production processes and senior management structure to confront the slowdown in the publishing sector. E-book supply reaches 6 thousand titles in the digital library and reaches a record of over 2 million downloads.
fininvest anno 2012fininvest anno 2012fininvest anno 2012
Mondadori sells over a million eBooks in a year, expands its international network of the weekly Grazia to a total of 22 foreign editions and creates the brand inMondadori to unify its entire retail sales operation (from bookstores to e-commerce).
Mediaset adds tablets and smart TVs among the devices able to access Premium Play, the leading multi-device and multi-platform provider in Italy with a catalog that totals approximately 3,000 content choices.
This is the first year of activity for EI Towers, a subsidiary of Mediaset and leading Italian operator in the infrastructure sector of electronic communications networks.
fininvest anno 2011fininvest anno 2011fininvest anno 2011
Mediaset launches Tgcom24, the first all-news channel available on free-to-air digital terrestrial channels. Mediaset Premium passes the three million subscriber mark and launches Premium Play, the first nonlinear Italian option that allows subscribers access to thousands of content choices from any platform. Mondadori confirms its leadership in Italy in the book and periodicals sectors, expands its e-book offering to 4,000 titles and continues its international development. AC Milan wins its eighteenth Series A soccer championship.
fininvest anno 2010fininvest anno 2010fininvest anno 2010
Telecinco is restructured as Mediaset Spain and becomes the leading Spanish television operator through the acquisition of the free-to-air channel Cuatro and a stake in DigitalPlus. Mondadori increased to 16 the number of foreign editions it issues of its weekly Grazia, and has become an international leader in fashion magazine publishing. The French edition receives an award as the best new magazine of 2009 by the Syndicat de la Presse Magazine et d'Information. As for digital activity, the publishing house in Segrate puts on-line the most extensive bookstore of ebooks available in Italian.

fininvest anno 2009fininvest anno 2009fininvest anno 2009
Fininvest becomes the leading shareholder of Molmed with a share of 23.95%.
In France, Mondadori launches the magazine Grazia: the new magazine immediately makes itself known as a point of reference in the high-end women's market.
Mondadori Pubblicità and Publitalia '80 sign an agreement to establish Mediamond, a jointly-owned company whose aim is to collect on-line advertising.
fininvest anno 2008fininvest anno 2008
Telecinco enters the north american spanish speaking market by acquiring a 29.2% share of the broadcaster Caribevision.
Premium Gallery is founded, the new Mediaset pay-tv offer with high-value content on digital terrestrial: included are the best TV programs, american cinema and soccer.
fininvest anno 2007fininvest anno 2007fininvest anno 2007fininvest anno 2007
Fininvest increases its stake in Mediobanca and enters into a shareholders' agreement with a 1% share.
Mediaset and Telecinco, together with respected partners, purchase Endemol, a leading international entertainment and fiction content provider.
The 100th anniversary of Mondadori was celebrated throughout the year with a series of programs and events.
AC Milan wins its seventh European Champions Cup and the FIFA Club World Cup.
fininvest anno 2006
Mondadori takes an important step forward with its strategy for international development by acquiring Emap France, later renamed Mondadori France, a major magazine publisher in France. Mondadori France today has a portfolio of approximately 30 titles, many of which are market leaders in their respective specialities.

fininvest anno 2005fininvest anno 2005
The Fininvest Group entered in the radio sector with the acquisition, by Mondadori, of the national radio network R101. Big league football can be watched live on Mediaset's digital terrestrial platform thanks to the innovative pay-per-view offer 'Mediaset Premium'.
fininvest anno 2004fininvest anno 2004fininvest anno 2004
Fininvest buys a stake in Molmed, a medical biotechnology company founded by San Raffaele hospital and focused on innovative therapies for the treatment of cancer.
In June, Telecinco is listed on the Madrid Stock Exchange. For analysts, "it's one of the most successful investments in recent years." Two days ahead of schedule, Milan AC wins its seventeenth national soccer championship.
fininvest anno 2003fininvest anno 2003fininvest anno 2003
Mediaset acquires a majority interest in Telecinco and Publiespana (52%), now Spain's most important commercial television operator. AC Milan wins the Champions League, beating Juventus at Manchester's Old Trafford Stadium.
fininvest anno 2001fininvest anno 2001
The Group continues to pursue its strategy of concentrating in the entertainment and media sectors, withdrawing from the real estate sector with the sale of Edilnord 2000.

fininvest anno 2000
To develop activities in the new media sectors is created Mediadigit, now a division of RTI. Among the most important online initiatives there is TGCOM, the Mediaset newcast online.
fininvest anno 1998
With the perspective of focusing on core business the Standa chain is sold.
fininvest anno 1997
Banca Mediolanum, a direct bank, is established, an absolute novelty in the Italian banking sector.
fininvest anno 1996fininvest anno 1996fininvest anno 1996
Mediaset and Mediolanum are listed on the Milan Stock Exchange. Both listings are successful with more than 300,000 investors buying shares in the two companies.

fininvest anno 1995fininvest anno 1995
Medusa Film is created for the production and distribution of films. In the space of a few years Medusa becomes the Italian leader in film production and distribution.
fininvest anno 1991fininvest anno 1991fininvest anno 1991fininvest anno 1991
Arnoldo Mondadori Editore becomes part of the Fininvest Group. This acquisition continues the process of focusing on the publishing and media sectors.
fininvest anno 1990fininvest anno 1990fininvest anno 1990
Fininvest participates in the founding of the Spanish television network, Telecinco. In the space of a few years, Telecinco reaches a significant audience thanks to successful programmes and becomes one of Europe's most profitable broadcasters.
fininvest anno 1988fininvest anno 1988fininvest anno 1988
Standa, a large-scale retail chain, becomes part of the Group and Fininvest's revenues grow from 2,600 billion lire to around 6,000 billion and its employees from 7,300 to more than 24,000.

fininvest anno 1986fininvest anno 1986fininvest anno 1986
The Group enters the world of football with the acquisition of A.C. Milan. Among the trophies won by the club are: 18 Italian league championships, 7 Champions League Cups, 5 Italian Cups as well as a range of other international trophies.
fininvest anno 1984fininvest anno 1984fininvest anno 1984
The TV channel Retequattro and Mediolanum Assicurazioni are bought. Meanwhile the group's position in the TV market is consolidated and activities in the financial services area expand.
fininvest anno 1983fininvest anno 1983
The Group acquires the TV channel Italia 1 and the weekly listings and entertainment magazine Sorrisi e Canzoni TV, one of Italy's leading entertainment titles.
fininvest anno 1981fininvest anno 1981fininvest anno 1981
Programma Italia, a financial services company, is launched. Videotime is established for the creation, development and production of television programmes.

fininvest anno 1980fininvest anno 1980fininvest anno 1980
Telemilano becomes Canale 5, a circuit of broadcasters for nationwide transmission. Elettronica Industriale is acquired for the design and construction of the signal distribution infrastructure.
fininvest anno 1979fininvest anno 1979fininvest anno 1979
Reteitalia - operating in the acquisition and sale of TV programmes, and Publitalia '80 - advertising sales - are founded.
fininvest anno 1978fininvest anno 1978
Telemilano starts up, launched as a cable TV service in Milano 2. The Manzoni Theatre, one of Milan's best known, is acquired.
fininvest anno 1977
The Company acquires a stake in Società Europea Edizioni, publisher of the national daily newspaper Il Giornale. The stake was subsequently being sold to the Group led by Paolo Berlusconi.

fininvest anno 1961fininvest anno 1961
The company's real estate activities begin. The main projects include: the residential area Centro Edilnord at Brugherio (1963); Milano 2 (1969); Milano 3 (1975) and the retail park Il Girasole (1985)

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